Blackberry Smartphone

From the BlackBerry smartphone
Updating the Device Software from BlackBerry Smartphone

  1. Select options on the home screen smartphone.
  2. Click the advanced options.
  3. Select the wireless upgrade, then follow the instructions.
Please note that you may incur data charges when downloading updates through the wireless network, depending on your service program.

From your computer:
You can update your BlackBerry ® smartphone software from the desktop computer.

  1. Visit on the computer desktop, then click Check for updates. (requires Windows Internet Explorer v5.5 or newer versions that are running Windows)
  2. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable and enter your device's PIN number.
  3. If the software upgrades available for your device, select Options to add any device software applications.
After updating your device software, you can perform other functions more quickly on BlackBerry smartphones.